The “DD” Box

Founded in 2018, DoubleD CrossFit provides an unmatched fitness program that helps people of all ages to improve their quality of life.
From beginner to advanced, young to “not so young”, skinny to “not so skinny” our training methods produce incredible and visible RESULTS for everyone.
Drop in for this amazing experience.


My name is David and I’m a Portuguese guy living in Luxemburg.
Back in 2010 I accomplished my Bachelor in Administration and Management in Portugal but since I was a little kid doing sports was a must in my life. After my studies I quickly understood that it had not been the best decision for me, so I grabbed the opportunity and studied again, this time as a Personal Trainer and a Class Instructor. There I found my passion for coaching others. Since 2012 I’m a coach in a local gym and back then was also my first contact with CrossFit. June 2017 changed my life with the “L1CrossFit Trainer” certificate, and the DoubleD Project started to have some lines.
I hope I can show my passion trough my coaching.

“it’s you vs you”


Anne Eicher – Coach

“My name is Anne, and I am a secondary school teacher. I have been doing Crossfit for more than three years and I have trained for long time periods in different countries and boxes (Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg). Knowing me since many years, our Headcoach David asked me if I would like to help him out occasionally in the box. As I love to teach and coach, I agreed, accomplished the “L1 CrossFit Trainer” certificate and started giving classes at DoubleD Crossfit.”

“Stay positive. Stay fighting. Stay brave. Stay ambitious. Stay focused. Stay strong.”


Mirko Schnorbus – Coach

“My name is Mirko, born and raised in Luxembourg.

As a kid I was always outdoor trying different types of activities and sports. From Karate to Basketball, Running, Boxing and Bodybuilding, it was hard to find the right sport for me.

2012 I heard about Crossfit and during that time, I’ve grown as an athlete and developed confidence that has impacted every aspect of my life. One of my passions is traveling and I use the opportunity to visit and train in other Boxes around the world. Since 2018 I am a proud member of DoubleD Crossfit and I love to share the experience I made. So in January 2019 I got my “L1CrossFit Trainer” certificate and now I have the opportunity to show the people what I love to do and help them to improve their fitness.”


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